Recommended Links

Recommended Links

When buying a house, there are various ways to start researching where you would like to live and to be more informed as a buyer.  Please feel free to go through the links.  If you would like help, please contact me at 602.696.4570.

General Information

Arizona Buyer Advisory Form

National Association of Realtors

Housing and Urban Development: Fair Housing Information

Arizona Government

Home Specific Information

Lead Based Paint Information

Termite History

Maricopa Tax Record Search

How to Research a Neighborhood

Most Importantly: Talk to neighbors about the history of the property and neighborhood!

Crime Search

Sex Offender Search

School District Search

Freeway Construction and Traffic

Environmantal Concerns/Air Quality/Water Quality/Superfund Sites

City Profile Report

Military Airports and Public Airports

Zoning: PhoenixScottsdaleTucsonElsewhere

Subdivision Public Reports

Water Information

Soil Expansion

We Buy Houses Companies


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